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Optimist International Ghana (OIG’s) research seeks to identify what drives Children, Youth and Old Age in gender inequality in diverse societies and to understand its far-reaching consequences for individuals, families, communities and countries. Our research helps to clearly describe and define the problems of Children, Youth, Widows, and Orphans equally to gender inequality causes so that we and others can develop strategies to overcome them. Optimist International Ghana (OIG)staff works with Partners, Assemblymen, Chiefs and community leaders to hone meaningful research questions and design and execute studies that use a variety of innovative methods and measurement tools. Our research provides the type of rigorous and reliable data needed to inform program and policy development globally.

Community Activities

Respect for Law/Promotion of Non-Violence

Optimist Clubs participate in activities to inspire respect for law enforcement among young people and to educate them on the jobs these brave men and women perform. Events are also held to promote a sense of well-being in the community such as child ID events, poster or essay contests on alternatives to violence and various family-friendly activities.

Youth Appreciation

Optimists recognize youth for a variety of reasons, including their achievements at school, dedication to community service, improvement in their grades and doing their best in sports or the arts. This activity allows Optimists to build the self-esteem of the youth in their community and show them that their efforts and hard work really do make a difference.

Youth Safety

This activity includes teaching youth about important safety issues that they encounter every day, such as traveling in a car or on the school bus and riding their bike. Optimist events such as a bicycle rodeo can make learning safety skills fun for everyone involved.

Tri-Star Sports

This is an optional activity Clubs can sponsor that focuses on three skills competitions in each of the following sports: basketball, baseball, soccer, football, hockey, golf, curling, and volleyball. More detailed information about Tri-Star is available in the Tri-Star Planning Guide.



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